The Heart of Hilton: An Inside Look - Food & Beverage

Created By Gavin

The Heart of Hilton: An Inside Look - Food & Beverage

A job of our food and beverage team is to provide hospitable service, not only through themselves, but also through the food they taste and the drinks. They drink beyond the unsub bars.

I'll be on some restaurants and our job is about ensuring that there is everyday consistency in the execution. In the products that we put on the table that we put in front of our guests from an in-room dining standpoint. Being able to provide a service where it's on hand. Right there for the guests at the end of the day, giving them an experience that when they leave, they remember everything they taste and everything they experience coming at 5 o'clock, just check all the buffing and ensure that which is well prepared.

The big last time, we are very important after they wake up from sleep. They come to the bridge position, they meet us. So, the impression that we give to them make them to come back when they said, we love the breakfast. Then it's like oh, I'm so happy together hospitality, for me comes down to only one thing and its people every single traveler that comes through our door is different.

Has a different expectation, we cannot write one manual for that. If you can take a step back and you look at everybody, just at the end of the day having a great time. They're interacting with one another. They're enjoying the connection that people go to restaurants why they go to restaurants, then you've done your job and to me that makes me feel amazing.